Arrays of Light Emitting Devices Based on Zinc Oxide Nanowires

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The project will develop the methodology and essential infrastructure needed for the production of semiconducting nanomaterials by a controlled way and lead to the development of architecture for effective areal light emitting devices. Such devices are fundamental prerequisites for areal parallel nanolasers. The design and fabrication of arrays of light emitting devices will be based on ZnO nanowires using a practical and cost effective approach. Thin borosilicate glass or quartz coated by an Al:ZnO (AZO) layer will serve as a substrate. The AZO layer will be prepared by either the sol-gel technique or magnetron sputter deposition. In growing ZnO nanowires, no metal catalyst will be used to prevent the formation of deep level traps that could be detrimental for the optoelectronic device performance. Vertically aligned ZnO nanowires will be grown directly on the strip-patterned AZO layers via window masks. The ZnO nanowires will be grown by a vapor phase deposition employing a ZnO/graphite source and processing gases. The effect of the growth temperature and thickness of AZO on the evolution of vertically aligned ZnO nanowires will be investigated. The ZnO nanowires with n-type conductivity will grow vertically aligned in bunches via dielectric window masks. The emerged bunches of ZnO nanowires with micrometer sizes will be extended by p-type ZnO nanovires to form p-n junctions in subsequent growth process. The p-type doping with nitrogen alternatively with phosphorus will be provided in the final phase of nanowire growth. Such an assembly provided with proper metallic contacts will constitute a dot metric light emitting display. The top ohmic contacts will be patterned to strips. The strip contacts will be hatch-cross oriented with respect to the bottom strip contacts which will facilitate the individual and parallel control of pixels. In longer run, the mastered device configuration could serve as a base for development of integrated lasing nanodevices operating in individual and parallel modes.


Project number9041328
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/09/0814/02/11