Application of Topological Kagome Metal in Spintronics Devices

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High technology industries are the driving force of urban development and are the sources of innovation. Meanwhile, electronic devices carry essential tasks, and the current high technology market is dominated by semiconductor devices based on silicon. With the fierce competition in the market and the rapid renewal of products, new materials for quantum electronic devices (e.g., spintronics) are considered one breakthrough point for the next generation of electronics. Topological quantum materials have become a hot spot in the field of spintronics materials research due to their unique physical properties. Meanwhile, transition-metal-based kagome material is a frontier for exploring novel topological electronic states and correlated phenomena. We propose to study the spin texture of topological kagome surface states and design micro spintronics devices to manipulate the spin currents. This research will facilitate the application of quantum materials in next-generate spintronics.


Project number7020067
Grant typeSIRG
Effective start/end date1/05/22 → …