Application of Positive Psychology to Promote Whole Child Development in Pre-primary Education

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1.Goals: In line with the principal of whole child development emphasizing appropriate moral values and attitudes as stated in Guide to the Pre-primary Curriculum (2006), the project aims to cultivate and nurture character strengths in pre-primary children so that they can face difficulties and challenges, and develop into healthy, contributive people in future.Objectives: (a) To apply positive psychology framework to cultivate and nurture character strengths in pre-primary children for whole person development. (b) To teach parents positive parenting approach so that they can help build up character strengths in their children. (c) To promote positive education in school so that the school can provide a positive culture and environment to nurture and cultivate character strengths in pre-primary children. (d) To develop a positive psychology manual for the teachers to be incorporated into their curriculum design, specifically in the teaching area of Self and Society.2. Targets and expected number of beneficiaries: The project serves a total of 8 kindergartens and nurseries. The number of beneficiaries is 4,240. The targets are: (1) pre-primary students in the serving schools (2) teachers and principals in the serving schools (3) parents of the students (4) Teachers in other nurseries and kindergartens.3. Implementation plan: (i) Duration: The project lasts from January to December, 2013.(ii) Process/schedule: Pre-assessment of students will be conducted in Feb. The positive psychology theme programs and class activities for students will last from March to November. The teachers training workshops will be held from Feb. to June, while the parents training workshops will be launched in March and July. Post-assessment of the students will be carried out in November. Program manuals and reports will be ready for publication by December. The prize presentation ceremony and the press conference will be organized in December. Interim meetings with principals and teachers will be held in Feb., June and November. Evaluation with the schools will also be done by December.(iii) Collaboration with other parties/partners: Collaboration will be made with 3 kindergartens and 5 nurseries of the Chinese Rhenish Church Hong Kong.4. Products: (i) Deliverables/outcomes: The attainment levels of expected deliverables are: (1) 8 serving schools (2) 256 class sessions for students (3) 2 parent training workshops (6) 3 teacher training workshops (7) 80 consultations for teachers (8) 64 programs for 8 schools (9) 1 prize presentation ceremony (10) 1 press conference (11) 1 research (12) 500 copies of program manuals and reports to teachers.(ii) Dissemination of deliverables/outcomes: The project deliverables, i.e. the program manuals, will be sent to all kindergartens in Hong Kong. A prize presentation ceremony and a press conference will be organized to disseminate the study on the effectiveness in applying positive psychology to the children, parents and teachers in the whole school. The study result will also be disseminated in international conferences and in internationally refereed journals.


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