Application of Polymer-based Coatings in Ground Stabilization

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The application of polymer-based coatings in ground treatment has received significant amount of research in geological and environmental engineering. Among other advantages, polymer coatings are eco-friendly and provide increased strength to earth systems leading to cost-effective solutions in the stabilization of slopes and dams. However, there has been little progress in understanding the fundamental mechanisms and durability of polymer-based earth materials, particularly the dominant mechanisms at the grain-scale. In this project, a pilot study will be carried out to understand the micro-mechanisms which contribute to the response of discrete materials, predominantly earth-based materials treated with polymer coatings. The study will also attempt to link micro- and macro-scale responses through an integrated study with a focus on interface friction, behavior against abrasion and elastic properties.


Project number9220117
Grant typeDON
Effective start/end date1/06/2121/02/24