Application of Digital Twins in Safety and Health Monitoring System of the Elderly in Community

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With the ageing population and the change of family structure, the “empty-nest elderly family” is rapidly increasing and has become a significant social problem. The elderly living alone are prone to have the risk of falling and sudden disease. However, there is no systematic approach or products for elderly safety perception and behavior monitoring. Currently, digital twins technology has been widely applied in smart city area. This project applies digital twins technology to develop a real-time monitoring and alarm system of elderly fall risks. The system collects the data of the elderly activity scenes, behaviors and individual physical health, and then virtually presents them by digital mapping. Once the safety threshold is deviated, the alarm can be activated to avoid the potential fall risks of the elderly. Through developing a community-based system, this project aims at reducing safety risks of the elderly, improving pension service and realizing the refined management of smart community. 


Project number7020011
Grant typeSIRG
StatusNot started
Effective start/end date1/07/21 → …