Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics to the Diagnosis of Defects in Building Drainage Systems

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The overflow of soiled water from water closets, foul air, and the clogging up of drainpipes are typical nuisances in building drainage systems. Apart from improper usage, these problems are mainly due to excessive air pressure that is caused by the soiled water that flows inside the drainage systems. Although most building drainage systems are designed in accordance with the relevant prescriptive requirements and guidelines, problems often persist, as the performance of drainage systems is largely dependent on how they have been installed. Most of the problems that arise in drainage systems are at present solved by plumbing engineers through trial and error based on their practical experience. Therefore, this project will attempt to diagnose defects in building drainage systems in a more scientific manner by applying computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques to gain significant insight and a better understanding of the dynamics of the air and water inside drainage systems. The CFD simulation results are expected to enable the easy location of faults in drainage systems. The suitability of proposed system rectifications or designs for new drainage systems may also be verified with the CFD model before being implemented on site.


Project number9041238
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/087/09/10