Antiviral Study against Positive-sense (+) Single-stranded RNA Infections Using Newly Developed Hsp27 Inhibitors

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 Positive-sense (+) single-stranded RNA virus (+ ssRNA virus) infections (e.g., enterovirus, Zika virus, Hepatitis C virus, and SARS-coronavirus-2) have been huge disasters without effective drugs worldwide. Our previous study showed that Hsp27 plays a key role in enterovirus EV-A71 infection. Our recent studies have shown the essential functions in facilitating other (+) ssRNA virus infections, including ZIKA virus and coronavirus. One of our breakthroughs is that we have successfully developed novel Hsp27 inhibitors with potent anticancer effects. In this study, we will investigate their antiviral effects against Zika virus, and beta-coronavirus. Our study will pave a way for treating virus infections. 


Project number7020032
Grant typeSIRG
Effective start/end date1/05/22 → …