Analyzing Construction Contract Dispute: A Fault Tree Methodology

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Construction works are of high-value, long production duration and dispute prone. The complexity of the contractual web and the resulting contract disputes make the industry infamous for being litigious. Despite its topicality construction contract disputes (CCD) are seldom defined. This project aims to capitalize on the wealth of knowledge in this area and further our understanding by developing a conceptual framework to describe CCD, employing the well-established Fault Tree methodology.It is proposed that some of the dispute contributors are behavioral attributes rendering their probabilistic assessments imprecise, the use of fuzzy sets evaluation is therefore advocated. The investigators propose that by examining critical events of high occurrence likelihood, management effort can be directed appropriately. To share the research findings harvested from this study with the construction community, an automated CCD occurrence likelihood evaluation system is to be developed and installed online.


Project number9041119
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/0731/08/11