Analysis and Synthesis of Switched Nonlinear Hamiltonian Control Systems

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Switched nonlinear Hamiltonian systems are an important class of switched systems that can be used to describe a wide range of complex real-world processes and systems, including robotic systems, power systems, spacecrafts, and many other mechanical or electrical systems. During the past few years, increased attention has been paid to the study of switched linear or nonlinear systems for issues such as stability, controllability, observability, and stabilization/robust controller design, and many significant results have been obtained. However, relatively few reports of the analysis and synthesis of switched nonlinear Hamiltonian control systems exist in the open literature, and many critical issues remain to be examined.This project will investigate and develop novel approaches to the analysis and synthesis of switched nonlinear Hamiltonian control systems under arbitrary switching rules. Furthermore, based on the Hamiltonian realization theory, the newly developed methods will be used to study several classes of ordinary switched nonlinear systems. The outcome of this project is expected to enrich the theoretical foundation of the analysis and synthesis of switched control systems, in particular switched nonlinear control systems. Moreover, the proposed approaches will find wide applications in industry such as in robotic/mechanical systems and power systems.


Project number9041346
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/0926/09/12