Analysis and Modeling of Crowdsourcing Systems

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Despite the rapid growth of research on online social communities, the research on the structural and dynamical patterns of crowds motivated by accomplishing common tasksthrough the collaboration on the Internet , namely crowdsourcing, has been limited to anecdotalcase studies. This project aims to analyze and model crowdsourcing systems as socialnetworks based on real data collected from online social media. With novel statistics andgraph mining algorithms, we will unveil the unique topological properties of crowdsourcingsystems. A set of behavioral and sociological theories will be verified with real-world data.Models will be proposed to simulate dynamics of crowdsourcing systems. The results willshed light on a n in-depth understanding of the patterns of people collaborating on the Internet, and how to design better crowdsourcing systems to facilitate the collaboration andincrease the effectiveness and efficiency of crowds.


Project number7200399
Effective start/end date1/04/1425/10/17