An Interdisciplinary Approach to Robust Organic Frameworks of Tunable Electroactivity and Well-defined Porosity

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This project is aiming for well-ordered, crystalline solids combining porous structure and conductivity that promise wide-ranging practical and fundamental impacts for sensors, heterogeneous catalysis, and fuel cells and batteries technology. For this, the dilemma of bond strength and crystallinity has to be resolved. Porosity and electrical conductivity both call for strong chemical bonds to maintain stability and electronic interactions. Such strong bonds, however, often form too fast and irreversibly, and the resultant solids tend to be ill-ordered. This project proposes a two-step strategy. First, a porous precursor network will be built based on weak coordination bonds (e.g., between the acylthio groups and the metal ions) that form slowly and result in a well-ordered structure. Second, a reactive molecule (e.g., methylamine) will be diffused into the precursor network to convert the coordination bond into a stronger covalent bond (e.g., between the thio group and the metal ion), simultaneously enhancing stability and electroactivity.


Project number7002119
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/0722/10/09