An Expedition to OBTL-based Research-Enriched Discovery E-Learning Experience

Project: Research

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The City University of Hong Kong aspires to i) promoting discovery and innovations; ii) effecting outcome based teaching and learning and iii) enhancing research-teaching nexus and iv) providing a technology-rich e-learning environment. This project aims to contribute to these initiatives. This primary objective of the project therefore is to test out ways to transform research tools to learning. To achieve the objective, the followings intended outcomes are planned: i) review the guidelines for development of e-learning programs; ii) incorporate pedagogical principles in e-learning programs for the project; iii) apply findings in (i) and (ii) to develop research tools into e-learning programs; iv) evaluate the attainment or otherwise of the intended pedagogical outcomes; and v) explore the potential of extending the outcomes to other courses. In the last two years, the PI and his research team have developed two web-based research tools; Mediation Simulation System ( and Dispute Occurrence Likelihood Evaluation System ( The Mediation Simulation System is developed to assist negotiators to achieve "win-win" settlement. The Dispute Likelihood Evaluation System is designed to assess occurrence likelihood of construction dispute. These research tools shall be used as the implementation vehicles. The anticipated deliverables for the project include a design framework for e-learning programs and research embedded teaching programs on mediation and dispute likelihood occurrence. The conceptualizations developed for this project shall form a platform for future e-learning programs. Sharing of the findings through publications is also planned.


Project number6000372
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/02/1230/06/13