An Empirical Study of Administrative Tribunal System in Hong Kong - Its History and Present Status

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The administrative tribunal system in HK originated from England and has become an essential part of HK's administrative justice and dispute resolution system. It has developed sporadically and not undergone any reform. No comprehensive review has ever been conducted. It is unclear how it will develop in the future under its new constitutional setting. In comparison, England has conducted three comprehensive reviews and substantive reforms have been carried out. There is an urgency for the proposed research.The proposed research intends to conduct an empirical study of the administrative tribunal system in HK. Specifically speaking, the investigator wants to study: (i) how the HK administrative tribunal system has developed,(ii) what it current does, (iii) whether or not various administrative tribunals are effective in resolving administrative disputes; and (iv) the advantages as well as disadvantages of the existing system. It will fill in a gap in administrative law research in HK.


Project number7002783
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Effective start/end date1/05/1224/02/16