An Effective Approach for Evaluating the SAR and the Electromagnetic Field inside an Electrically Large Complex Cavity

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Electromagnetic field distribution inside an electrically large, enclosed cavity is an important aspect in studying electromagnetic field interference and RF energy absorption problems in automotive and elevator applications. Unlike fundamental waveguide or resonator problems, field distribution in such large cavities is extremely complex because it depends on several factors, e.g. source frequency, antenna position and cavity dimension. This is further complicated by the presence of possible dielectric materials within the cavity and the aperture structure of the cavity. Numerical methods, such as FDTD and FEM, have been viable approaches in solving the field distribution for such problems. However, for parametric study, evaluating the effect of each parameter and condition requires enormous computational time, presenting a continual problem.This project will investigate an approach to evaluate the field distribution inside a metallic enclosure, in order to reduce the computational time by characterizing the sensitive parameters. The analysis of field distribution will be performed based on analytical equations. The results will be presented as a probability density function for evaluating the sensitive parameters of the cavity’s EM field. Using this approach, the sensitive parameters and conditions can be easily identified from infinite possible combinations, in advance, for FDTD modeling, reducing the overall computational time.


Project number9041360
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/11/081/02/11