An Automatic Text Analysis and Simplification Tool for Learners of English

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Reading plays an important role in second language acquisition; learners of English are therefore encouraged to venture beyond textbooks to read a wider range of English texts. Their attempt to read, however, is often frustrated because the texts are too difficult for them, both in terms of vocabulary and sentence structure. This project aims to develop a software tool that automatically adapts English text to a difficulty level that is appropriate for the individual reader. Through analysis of keywords and prominent expressions, the tool will rewrite English sentences to reduce lexical and syntactic complexity. The user will be able to control the degree and kinds of simplification to be performed. Recent advances in language technology have yielded a number of algorithms for sentence and vocabulary simplification, but none has yet been commercialized. The proposed tool can be used not only by students at primary and secondary schools to adapt English reading material to their individual language levels, but also by teachers for assistance in preparing reading material for their students. In summary, this assistive technology will help learners of English read faster, read more, and read sophisticated content that is inaccessible in its original form.


Project number9440140
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date1/12/1531/05/17