Alternative Binocular Vision in Experimental Animation

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The Teaching Development Grant Alternative Binocular Vision in Experimental Animation explores ways of creating novel perceptual experiences and visual effects through alternative binocular imaging strategies in the realm of experimental media and cinematic arts. It is rooted in the PI’s artistic practice and research in expanded stereoscopy and abstract animation. The Co-I’s extensive experience which includes the creation of pioneering stereoscopic media artworks, provides added rigour regarding methodologies and techniques in the delivery of this project. Teaching will be conducted by the PI through the undergraduate course SM2717 Abstract and Experimental Animation, in Semester B 2019/20 and Semester A 2020/21. The artworks created through this project will be presented in screenings, and submitted to international media art exhibitions and film festivals. The project’s findings will form the basis of a scholarly paper for conference presentation and publication in a peer-reviewed academic journal. This TDG leads to the creation of new knowledge and artworks through interdisciplinary research into the largely untapped artistic potential of experimental binocular optics within contemporary media arts. It teaches students to think as artists and researchers who contribute to, and directly shape, the forefront of an international moving image culture. Film and media art festival participation raises the profile not just of our students, but of the School of Creative Media and CityU as a whole.


Project number6000702
Grant typeTDG(CityU)
Effective start/end date1/02/20 → …