Advanced Study on the Characteristics of Two Fluids Mixing With High Density Ratio

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As more nuclear power plants are being added to those existing ones surrounding Hong Kong, the researches on severe accident are becoming ever more important in order to prevent or mitigate its impact. The reactor core is most likely melt during a severe accident in light water reactors. Once the molten fuel relocates in a region containing liquid water, the complex thermohydrodynarnical interaction called Fuel-Coolant Interactions (FCIs) will occur, which will directly impact the amount of the radioactive materials release to the environment. Extensive researches have been conducted to understand the FCI world widely. However, given the importance and the complexity of the phenomena, more researches are urgently required to develop better understanding of the mechanisms. In this project both experiments and numerical simulations using advanced Lattice Boltzmann Method will be conducted to thoroughly investigate the molten fuel behaviors after severe accident.


Project number7005074
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