Advanced Local Probing of Spin Structure in Two-Dimensional Oxide Quantum Nanomembranes

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The advantages of large-scale transfer to arbitrary flat surface and the high Curie temperature of low-dimensional ferromagnetic materials pave the way towards developing flexible electromagnetic devices that are commensurately controllable along multiple orientations. The ideal candidate materials systems, hosting isotropic ferromagnetism, should be a Heisenberg-type spin system. Freestanding magnetic transition-metal oxide nanomembranes, free of film-substrate coupling, are excellent choices, since the extended strongly-correlated d orbital lobes contribute to strong exchange interactions. Furthermore, the crystal field in the pseudo-cubic lattice quenches most of the orbital polarisation, favouring the isotropic exchange interaction. Here, in particular, we study the nanomembranes of manganese oxides, which have showed indications of the 3D Heisenberg spin interactions, by detailed element-specific electron spectroscopic technique atom-by-atom; and explore their potential in developing into flexible magnetic materials platform.


Project number7020016
Grant typeSIRG
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