Advanced Functional Materials for Low-Carbon Energy Applications - RMGS

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As the demand for energy continues to grow, concerns on the massive greenhouse gas emissions are greatly increased, which leads to serious global warming worldwide and threatens human existence and biodiversity. Exploring clean and low-carbon energies plays a critical role in preventing the catastrophic climate change. With the financial support from CLP Power, this project aims to make efforts in both scientific research and professional education program. Specifically, we tend to carry out excellent research works for promoting the development of green, low-carbon energies, including the nuclear energy, aqueous electrolyte batteries with superior safety performance, efficient energy transition devices, etc. In addition, we plan to financially support local students to pursue their Ph.D. studies at City University of Hong Kong, which allows them to establish their professional identity and making them more competitive in the future job market.


Project number9229033
Grant typeDON_RMG
Effective start/end date1/09/20 → …