Adaptive Output Regulation of Nonlinear Systems and Its Application in Biomedical Robots

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The output regulation problem is one of the most fundamental yet critical problems in the area of control theory and applications. The output regulation problem aims to design a feedback controller to achieve asymptotic tracking of a class of reference inputs and rejection of a class of disturbances while maintaining the internal stability of the closed-loop system. The output regulation problem has numerous potential applications in both our daily life and every aspect of engineering science such as manipulation of biomedical robots, precise control of hard disk drives, satellite attitude adjustment and control, aircraft landing and taking off, and so on. Despite the fact that significant progress has been made on the research of global output regulation problem for nonlinear systems for over two decades, many problems are still open. The overall aim of this research project is to investigate the output regulation problem in a more practical setting. In particular, we will consider the adaptive output regulation problem with unknown control direction and unknown exosystem with application in biomedical robots.


Project number7003020
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Effective start/end date1/04/1323/12/14