Active Omni-Directional 3D Visual Sensing: Auto-Recalibration and 3D Reconstruction

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Omni-directional vision sensors have attracted much attention in recent research due to their wide field of view, which is needed in many practical applications. However, most of the existing work uses omni-directional cameras to obtain their 2D panoramic images. To obtain 3D information while still maintaining the advantage of the wide field of view, this project proposes to combine light pattern projection with an omni-directional camera. New methods for omni-directional image processing will be explored. To enhance its adaptability and usability in practical applications, the settings of the vision system will be adjustable online. For this purpose, an efficient automatic recalibration method will be developed using single views. Such a vision system will be useful for many practical applications including advanced visual surveillance and visual sensing for automated guided vehicles.


Project number9041246
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/0821/05/12