A Wearable Device for Pulse and Blood Pressure Measurements

Project: ResearchARG

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Blood pressure and heart pulse are two crucial markers to monitor human health. Long-term and real-time monitoring is important to prevent diseases, such as, hypertension and coronary artery disease etc. A health monitoring device is necessary to monitor the health condition in real-time. However, the commercially available products for detecting the pulse and the blood pressure and pulse are big and heavy, which is not suitable to wear. Therefore, to develop a light-weight and portable device for detecting heart pulse and blood pressure is necessary. Herein, a wearable device for monitoring human health is developed by a simple and cost-effective approach. Layer by layer printed pressure sensors will be employed to monitor the heart pulse and the blood pressure in real-time. By connecting our pressure sensor with the digital display circuit, the measured valued will be displayed in real-time.


Effective start/end date1/06/17 → …