A Study of Gated Communities in Hong Kong

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The spread of gated communities (GCs) is a significant phenomenon in many countries, including Hong Kong, thus the purpose of this research is to explore gatedness in Hong Kong. It has three objectives: to identify the extent and forms of gated communities in Hong Kong; to evaluate perceptions of their advantages and disadvantages; and to assess the wider social implications on residents, the neighbouring community and the wider community. Research will initially be conducted to ascertain how much of Hong Kong’s residential space can be regarded as gated, the different forms of gatedness and consequently what gatedness means in this city. Thereafter, a survey and in-depth face to face interviews will be conducted with residents living in gated and neighbouring but non-gated communities to identify the reasons for the popularity of this form of living and the impact on the wider community. Interviews with other stakeholders, such as the police, Planning Department and Housing Authority will also provide further insights.


Project number9041180
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/0718/03/10