A Student-Tutor Writing Consultation Programme and Inter-institutional Writing Consultation Support System

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Hong Kong universities assist their students in acquiring English writing skillsnecessary for successful participation in academic and workplace communicationmainly through core English courses, and supplementary writing support servicesoffered by writing tutors in the advisory zones. However, owing to the increasinglyhigh demand for writing assistance and limited manpower, writing tutors can onlyaddress smaller-scale writing issues in walked-in texts. In view of the inadequacy, this project proposes a one-on-one, face-to-face Student Tutor Writing Consultation Programme to complement the existing English writing support services on campus. An inter-institutional English writing support system will be formed, followed by various collaborative activities to sustain the new initiative.The objective of the proposed project is twofold. First, it aims to provide a wide-scale cost-effective writing assistance programme on campus staffed by a group of selected and trained student tutors, shadowed by project staff. Second, it will also provide online and offline resources to support tutors, tutees, and faculty teachers with regard to issues in student writing. To achieve these aims, a group of faculty recommended/self-nominated student tutors with strong English communication skills will be selected. Training courses and a student tutor manual will be provided to selected student tutors to maintain the consistency and the quality of tutor-tutee consultations. Trained student tutors will be shadowed by project team members. In addition, an e-teaching-and-learning platform that showcases collaborative work and the programme will be developed. Rigorousmonitoring and evaluation mechanisms will be in place to regulate the quality andeffectiveness of the programme at different implementation stages. The project will not only meet the writing needs of a greater number of students, but will also foster trained student tutors’ whole personal growth. Student tutors will benefit from the formal interactive experience of tutoring, and the meaningful use of their language knowledge. Students who attend consultations will discuss their texts with trained student tutors, who will act as writing mentors. Inter-institutionalcollaborative activities will support the new initiative, resulting in a productivesynergy. Consequently, a peer assistance culture and a writing support networkbetween local universities will be developed to sustain the project.


Project number6391203
Grant typeTLF(UGC)
Effective start/end date1/09/178/04/20