A Smart Egg Incubation Monitoring System Based on mmWave Sensing

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Chickens and eggs are amongst the most important animal-source proteins in our diets. To ensure an adequate supply, large-scale egg incubation is often adopted in the poultry industry. In the hatchery, although the incubation environment conditions are precisely monitored and controlled for incubators, there is a lack of monitoring systems for egg status including the development, growth,and health of the embryos. To this end, we will exploit a novel incubation sensing technology using millimeter-Wave (mmWave) radio in this project. Specifically, we will develop a mmWave radiobased smart egg incubation monitoring system named mmEgg, which can achieve robust, lightweight, multi-target monitoring of hatching eggs. The mmEgg performs signal pre-processingand feature extraction operations on the collected mmWave signals for training deep learning models in an offline stage and will feed online signals into the trained model to predict the egg health condition and incubation status labels. The invention of this incubation sensing system will likely improve the egg incubation efficiency and contribute to the sustainability of model poultryproduction.


Project number7020057
Grant typeSIRG
Effective start/end date1/05/22 → …