A Prototype of Vehicle Safety and Passenger Information Services: A Road Trial Run Program

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The road trial program is the extension of the previous project "An Advanced Safety System for Passenger/Goods Vehicles" (GHP/056/08AP). The goal of this project is to develop and implement a prototype of a passenger information service system for a trial run program for Green Mini Bus (GMB) in Hong Kong. The system includes a vehicle-mounted device and a passenger display panel and has two main functions: (1) Route information services which include travel routes, and hot spot information tips of surrounding area; (2) Vehicles' travelling data recording. Transport Department (TD) of Hong Kong will help to inform all GMB operators and coordinate the installation process. After the trial program has been completed, the City U ITS team will give an evaluation report based on the feedback from the users.


Project number9442007
Grant typeITF
Effective start/end date20/04/1119/01/12