A Point-of-care Surrogate Virus Neutralizing Test Enabling Visualization of Protective Level Elicited by COVID-19 Vaccines

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COVID-19 vaccines have been widely deployed. However, the elicited antibody level varies and decays with time. A fast, cost-effective way is imperative to monitor the protective levels after vaccination. However, existing tests are mainly based on antibody binding assays using blood samples, which are invasive, complicated, and unable to evaluate the level of protection against viral infection. Recently, a study has shown that the COVID-19  vaccine can elicit mucosa! antibody responses in upper respiratory tracts, and its amount correlates to protection.  Here, we plan to develop a point-of-care surrogate virus-neutralizing test. After collecting  specimens  in nasal mucus using 3D-printed nasal swabs and loading it into a microfluidic device, the amount of neutralizing antibody can be derived by microparticle accumulation length, which is decentralized, visually quantitative, and sensitive. This method will lead to novel approaches to managing the pandemics, from zero-tolerance to co-existence with COVID-19. 


Project number7020072
Grant typeSIRG
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