A Novel Infrared Sensing Method for Enhanced Motion Detection and Tracking

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This project aims at investigating the methodology in multi-dimensional imaging forinfrared motion detection and tracking by integrating mobile reference structures withpyroelectric infrared (PIR) sensor arrays. A divide-and-conquer based hierarchicalmodel for multi-dimensional imaging will be developed for mobile reference structureenhanced infrared motion sensing. The mobility of reference structures will be exploredto perform a sensing task, and a closed-feedback paradigm will be investigated tocoordinate the hierarchical reference structure tomography (RST) procedures in anoptimal fashion. The goal in developing the hierarchical sensing model is to facilitate thehigh-dimensional imaging for RST enhanced infrared motion sensing under referencestructure complexity constraints, where the mobile mechanism introduced plays animportant role in limiting the amount of reference structures involved. Studying thestructural redundancy in high-dimensional tomographic images will be useful forreducing the complexity and amount of reference structures involved, which calls for anadaptive sensing framework for coordinating the mobile PIR sensor arrays to performhierarchical RST tasks.The output of the project will be a novel yet practical solution for the use of RSTenhanced PIR sensor arrays in high-dimensional infrared motion sensing. The results ofthe project will contribute to the development of RST techniques. The study will havesignificant impact on the theoretical development in motion tracking and the practicalapplications in the related fields including smart environments, human-robotinteractions and advanced surveillance.


Project number9042187
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/1629/06/20

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  • motion detection,tracking,sensing,robotics,