A Novel High-gain Low-profile Printed Antenna Array for Millimeter Wave Applications

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With the advancement of technology and the support of regulatory policy, the millimeterwave technology has been viable for commercialization. Existing and new applicationsare very diverse, including satellite broadband Internet access, broadband media transferat home, point-to-point data links, automotive radar, security imaging in businesses andat airports, body measurements in retail clothing shops, Doppler radar sensors forhealthcare monitoring, and many others. Atmospheric absorption is very strong atmillimeter waves. The output power of millimeter wave solid-state sources cannot be toohigh. This requires the use of medium or high gain millimeter wave antennas to developmillimeter wave systems with acceptable performance. Many planar antenna arrays withgood directional property were developed recently for the unlicensed 57-64 GHzfrequency band. These antenna arrays are complex in structures which are costly infabrication. Recently, we demonstrated that by integrating two trapezoidal shapemicrostrip antennas with a biquad type antenna together, a low-profile printed antennaelement with unidirectional radiation pattern, high gain and reasonably wide bandwidthcan be achieved. Preliminary results indicate that the antenna element can be used toconstruct 60 GHz high gain printed antenna arrays with high efficiency. In this project,we will develop a new series of antenna arrays for various millimeter wave applicationsoperated between 60 – 140 GHz based on this new antenna element.


Project number9042052
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/1528/06/19