A Novel Framework for Intelligent Control of Multistable Configurations of Isotropic Shells via Self-controlling and Self-monitoring Smart System

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The proposed project aims to develop a novel analytical model for studying the multistable characteristic of thin-walled shells prestressed by using a self-controlling and self-monitoring smart system. Previous studies have showed that shell stability properties are determined by its initial shape, and not more than two stable equilibrium configurations can be achieved for most of shells. This research will investigate a smart control system which makes typical shells, including isotropic shells, to have more than two stable equilibrium configurations. First, a nonlinear finite element approach will be established to analyze the multistable behavior of shells embedded with piezoelectric patches, taking into consideration the effects of electro-mechanical coupling, large deformation, and snap-through behavior. Secondly, a feedback control algorithm will be developed to achieve multistable characteristics of shells subjected to residual stresses which are induced by the active and sensory response of piezoelectric actuator/sensor patches. Meanwhile, combined with the developed feedback control algorithm, an optimization algorithm will be derived to model a particular distribution of residual stresses which will lead to two or more desired stable equilibrium configurations. The feedback control gains for the closed loop feedback control will be optimised to ensure achieving a desired stable configuration. It is worth noting that, so far, no application of the self-powered piezoelectric actuators/sensors for multistable characteristic was reported in literature, and the proposed research will result in a new type of multistable structure.


Project number9041882
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/1427/12/17