A Novel Deterioration Model for Fiber Reinforced Polymer-bonded Concrete Systems: A Multiscale Approach

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While research on structural performance of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP)-bondedconcrete systems has been conducted extensively for short-term mechanicalcharacterization, long-term performance and deterioration behavior remain largelyuncertain and unanswered. In particular, little is known with regard to the surroundingprolonged effect leading to the deterioration on bond properties and integrity of FRP-bondedconcrete that would govern the effectiveness and life cycle of these systems.Prior research studies in this area have indicated that the deterioration mechanism iscomplex in which the critical region in the bonded systems may shift between bulkmaterial substrate and the material interface, which has not been observed in short-termtests. The deterioration at the vicinity of the material interface is governed by theadhesion property of the adjoining constituent materials, in which the material limits arenot necessarily attained at the failure stage.The objective of this research is to develop a predictive model which can describe thedeterioration mechanism in the FRP-bonded concrete systems fundamentally andcomprehensively using a multiscale simulation approach equipped with experimentalmonitoring. To approach the deterioration problem, the key two parameters, namelymoisture and creep, are chosen here as the representatives of surrounding prolongedeffects. It is proposed to investigate by means of a synergistic effort that consists ofsystematic and hierarchical material and interface fracture testing across differentlength scales, multiscale modeling of debonding under moisture and creep effects,numerical studies that consist of three-dimensional moisture diffusion simulation,structural performance monitoring based on novel techniques developed by the principalinvestigator (PI), integration of simulation and the experimental results to establish thepredictive deterioration model of FRP-bonded concrete systems at a beam scale. Thefracture-based approach will be adopted here with the aid of the multiscale modelingtechnique recently developed from a prior Early Career Scheme (ECS) research by the PIthat is capable of describing mechanical properties of the tri-layer material problemconsisting of FRP, epoxy, and concrete across different length scales. Synergizing theknowledge developed in these research tasks, this study will form the basis foraugmenting existing design specifications for FRP-bonded concrete structures byincluding the quantitative design that accounts for moisture and creep effects in suchsystem, leading to a much more reliable and sustainable design. It is envisioned that theproposed work will significantly advance scientific knowledge in the areas ofdeterioration mechanisms, coupled surrounding effects and the creep behavior of multilayerbonded system.


Project number9042344
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/1724/12/20

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  • creep , durability , moisture , molecular dynamics simulation , multiscale materials modeling