A Novel Design of Dual-polarized L-probe Fed Patch Antenna

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A newly developed patch antenna, designated as the shorted wall dual-polarized L-probe fed patch antenna (SWDPA), is found to have wide bandwidth, high input port isolation, low cross-polarization, high gain, and simple structure. It has employed a novel technique that can enhance the isolation and suppress the cross-polarization simultaneously. Comprehensive research on the SWDPA is proposed in this project. SWDPAs with different characteristics will be designed, fabricated, and tested. The study will include designs with dual polarization, circular polarization, and dual-band operations. Techniques for further widening the impedance and isolation bandwidths, reducing the cross polarization level, and diminishing the antenna size will also be investigated. Moreover, antenna array designs for different types of SWDPAs will be examined.


Project number7002092
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/0721/08/08