A Novel Bowtie Shorted-patch Antenna

Project: Research

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Modern wireless communication systems require highly efficient wideband antennas which are low in profile and small in size. Conventional wideband antennas cannot fulfill these stringent requirements. In particular, wideband unidirectional antennas are needed that are low in cross-polarization and stable in gain and radiation pattern shape across the frequency bandwidth. It is difficult to design a unidirectional planar antenna with more than 60% bandwidth, less than -20dB cross polarization and low back lobe radiation using existing techniques. It is found that a bowtie short-patch antenna has the potential to fulfill these requirements. In this project, the performance of this antenna will be optimized. Techniques for improving the front-to-back ratio of this antenna will be investigated. To increase the versatility of the antenna, dual-polarized and circularly-polarized bowtie short-patch antennas will be designed. The antennas will find applications in many wireless systems including 2G and 3G mobile phone networks, ultra-wide band systems and multi-band global position systems.


Project number9041148
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/08/0626/02/09