A New Big-Data-Driven Platform for Safety Behavior Modification in Mega Railway Project Construction

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With rapid development of civil engineering and building construction industry in Hong Kong and China,accidents occur frequently and worker's unsafe behavior is considered to be a leading cause.Behavior-Based Safety (BBS)is an effective approach to modify worker's unsafe behavior but pays little attentiontoworkers’ personal characteristics. Therefore, this study proposed a mobile device-basedpersonalized worker behavior modification system in mega-scaled project construction. Firstly, thepersonalized recommendation mechanism is explored with thebig-data-drivenplatform, includingcontent-based personalized recommendation andMapReduce-based collaborative filtering personalizedrecommendation. Second, the automated platform is mainly designed for frontline construction workers.Finally, the application effect of this platform is tested against unsafe behavior rate (S). A pilot study of ametro construction site (Line 3 of Wuhan Metro Railway) shows the value ofS-01 with regard to a gang oflaborers engaged in scaffolding work decreased by more than 70%. Compared with another group oflaborers not using the proposed platform (preliminary stage with limited functions), the value ofSdecreases by more than 60%. From one 6-year research (refer to next section) :80% of average-sizedaccidents were directly related to workers’ unsafe behavior.


Project number9048100
Grant typeECS
Effective start/end date1/09/175/10/21