A Longitudinal Examination of Adjustment to Retirement: The Role of Retirement Resources

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Moving into retirement is a major life event though there are a few local studies assessing retirees’ adjustment in the actual transition. Positive adjustment to retirement provides a nurturing environment for retirees to prepare for a new chapter in later life; alternatively poor adjustment may result in poor health and life dissatisfaction. With a growing number of employees retiring from work in the coming few years, there is a pressing need to identify protective factors for positive adjustment to this critical life transition. Wang, Henkens, and van Solinge’s (2011) resource-based dynamic perspective proposes that tangible, mental and social resources possessed by retirees determine the quality of adjustment to retirement. It is predicted that retirees will maintain their wellbeing if their resources do not change significantly after retirement; whereas they will experience negative changes in well-being if their resources decline after retirement. Based on this theoretical framework, the proposed project aims at examining retirees' adjustment and longitudinal changes in physical, cognitive and psychological well-being in the actual retirement transition. It also intends to assess the mediating role of retirement resources in the relationship between pre-retirement planning and retirement adjustment. Pre-retirees, who will retire from their current job in the next 6 months, will be recruited to take part in this longitudinal study. The project will consist of an initial study which will be conducted six months pre-retirement, and two follow-up studies which will be conducted six months and one year after the actual retirement. Findings of this project will contribute to the literature on aging and human development for understanding the underlying mechanism of adjustment of Chinese retirees, and provide insights and recommendations to policy makers and health care professionals for promoting retirement preparation and designing intervention programs among middle-aged working adults.


Project number9041942
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