A High-Permittivity DielectricPatch Antenna

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Microstrip patch antennas became very popular for various mobile wireless systems as they have the characteristics of low profile, cost effective fabrication and easy of integration with devices and components. Microstrip patch antennas are also very suitable for applying in wireless communication operating in microwave frequency bands. Examples include second and third generation base stations in the top of buildings and miniature antenna hidden inside mobile phones. Recently, many millimeter wave systems have been proposed, such as the 60 GHz license-free indoor broadband personal area networks and 77GHz automotive sensor systems. However, at millimeter wave frequencies, microstrip patch antenna may suffer from poor radiation efficiency as the metallic loss from the metal parts of the microstrip line and the patch increases with operating frequency. Some approaches are using parabolic reflector or horn antennas but they are not recommended for civilian application as their size are quite large. In this project, we will modify the conventional microstrip patch antenna and develop a new type of antenna element with no metallic loss and high radiation efficiency in millimeter wave frequencies. Based on the novel antenna element, several innovative antennas with high performance for millimeter wave communication systems will also be developed.


Project number9041781
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/10/1230/03/17