A Full-wave Kernel Independent Solver for Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits

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The proliferation of wireless communications applications leads to the rapid development of radio frequency integrated circuits (RFIC) technologies. The investigators have already developed two "kernel independent" approaches for parasitic extraction of electrically small but complex structures appearing in RFIC. In this project, the developed methodologies are proposed to be extended to full-wave simulations of passive components of RFIC, to complement the RFIC design for millimeter-wave systems/subsystems. The difficulty in applying the interpolation approach lies in the additional rapidly changing phase term associated with the full-wave Green's functions. Preliminary results indicate that the use of a scattered point set consists of two staggered tartan grids in conjunction with radial basis function interpolation which can alleviate the phase problem and, combining these with the QR factorization scheme, can lead to an O(N log (N)) scheme for electrically large structures. The success of the proposed research can certainly help the budding RFIC design industry in Hong Kong.


Project number9041117
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/08/0629/09/09