A Fast and Reliable Approach for Estimating the Expected Waiting Time of GI/G/1 Queues

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This project aims to develop a fast and accurate approach to estimate the expected waiting time of a single-channel queue where both the interarrival and service times are generally distributed (i.e., of a “GI/G/1 queue”). Compared with the currently available approaches for estimating GI/G/1 waiting times, this approach will (i) be sufficiently simple to be implemented with a hand-held programmable calculator; and (ii) very explicitly reveal the effects of skewness of kurtosis of the interarrival/service times on the expected waiting time. The ultimate objective is to produce a tool that can be conveniently used by IE/MS/OM practitioners. The basic components of the project’s work are to (i) solve Lindley’s equation with the Pearson and Schmeiser-Deutsch systems of four-parameter distribution functions, and (ii) summarize the expected waiting time as a function of the four moments of the random variable (s-a), where s=service time and a= interarrival time.


Project number7002160
Grant typeSRG
Effective start/end date1/04/0713/10/09