A Defect-based Approach to Software Requirements Validation

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Software requirements validation is concerned with showing that the requirements actually define the system that the user wants. It can prevent defects in requirements from propagating to the late stages of software development when errors become critical and repairs become very expensive. This project plans to initiate a novel approach to the problem of software requirements validation by explicitly considering common potential defects. Study of the use of the defect-based approach to the development of methodologies for software requirements validation is proposed. The approach may apply to a variety of validation methods, such as consistency checking and technical reviews. Specifically, the fundamental issues involved in the adoption of a defect-based approach shall be investigated through comparative studies with the related research on fault classes. Furthermore, based on the improved understanding of these issues and adapting experiences in the related research, the details of a methodology for revealing defects related to logical decisions in software requirements specifications will be developed.


Project number9041165
Grant typeGRF
Effective start/end date1/01/0710/03/11