Teaching Excellence Awards 2022/23

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The Veterinary Clinical Skills Team led by Dr Rebecca Parkes, Assistant Professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences (VCS), has received Teaching Excellence Awards (TEA) 2022/23 in recognition of their innovative approaches to educating students.

Dr Parkes’ team comprises Professor Vanessa Barrs, Acting Dean of the Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences (JCC); Dr Gareth Fitch, Clinical Associate Professor, and Dr Kate Flay, Assistant Professor, both in VCS; and Mrs Susanna Taylor, Scientific Officer, in JCC.

The team shares the vision of practice makes professionals. They are dedicated to using technology-enhanced and pedagogically integrated clinical skills and teaching methods to produce professional veterinary surgeons.

In addition to adopting student-centred learning methods, the team encourages professional practice by providing high-fidelity teaching materials that offer the most realistic learning experience, such as using a 3D printed mould for creating animal organs for various practices. Innovation is also crucial to developing students’ skills in animal species they lack access to.


Awarded dateApr 2023
Degree of recognitionLocal
Granting OrganisationsCity University of Hong Kong