One of "the Best Ten Books in May" of in May 2018

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LIN Shaoyang, Dingge yiwen: Qingji geming yu Zhang Taiyan fugu de xinwenhua yundong 鼎革以文:清季革命與章太炎復古的新文化運動 [Revolution by Means of Culture: The Late Qing Revolution and Zhang Taiyan from 1900 to 1911](Shanghai: Shanghai renmin chubanshe, 2018, 480 pages) won the award of one of "the Best Ten Books in May" of in May 2018(Chinese title:鳳凰網「五月高見之書」)鳳凰網「五月高見之書」


Awarded date31 May 2018
Degree of recognitionNational