CityU Idea Incubator Award 2014 (HK$350,000)

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This project aims to provide a new venue, called Wearable Innovation
Lab (WIL), for students to synergize and prototype novel wearable
inventions for improving life and productivity, alleviating societal
problems and expressing interesting ideas that will impact our
community positively. This initiative combines wearable technology
with social innovation mindset in offering a highly engaging and
interdisciplinary platform for students to make their original
discovery and embrace a strong sense of social responsibility. WIL
will consist of a student committee (core members), faculty mentors,
a full-time research staff and other student members. The WIL
committee and the research staff will operate a workspace where
members can meet, socialize and develop projects collaboratively.
Students will learn hands-on skills on the design and prototyping of
wearable devices and systems in workshop settings. They will be
granted full access of facilities in the workspace for fabricating
their wearable projects. Selected projects will receive production
budget approved by faculty mentors. Faculty mentors will also provide
guidance, moderate events and facilitate opportunities for WIL
members to get in touch with target beneficiaries and organizations,
and to develop wearable artefacts in response to their needs.


Awarded date10 Apr 2014
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsCity University of Hong Kong