ADC's Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme: "The New Normal" 「平地數碼:多向創作,持續發表」

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In response to Hong Kong Arts Development Council's Open Call for "Elevated Project" in summer 2020 for proposals to turn the remedial use of on-line platforms for art into more sustainable "normal" use, Linda Lai wrote a proposal to promote a more democratic use of video in expression and education in the form of a 3-round video essay open-call competition from the general public.
The promotion of the use of video essay means to give incentive to the development of a sustainable on-line gallery that includes as well on-line submissions and archival storage functions. Issues of user-friendly interface design and backend web architecture, especially the compression and decompression of data, and dialogues with a variety of platforms will be 50% of the entire project.
As for the video essay competition, seven categories are set up to inform and sensitise potential users' imagination of the use of the video essay. Open Call categories include:
[1] Object Lives, Object-logues 「東西自白」- short videos on everyday objects and their stories
[2] Detailed explanation of a single art work 「我的作品由零說起」- to encouraged archivable documents/statements of singular art work by an artist to extend its life-span in potential art histories to be written and to facilitate understanding
[3] Detailed explanation of a show「創作事件簿」- the making of an exhibition or an event viewed from multiple angles
[4] [4] On-site documentation 「留住一瞬即逝的」- especially for installation and performance as they are two inherently impermanent art forms that can only live on with thoughtful documentation
[5] Video essay: thematic 「有板有眼,有話要說」- alluding to “monstration films” in Early Cinema, that is, video lectures for educational purpose
[6] A video essay that explains how algorithm works 打開編碼演算的黑盒 - to ease the general art audiences' fear for coding or art-science dialogues
[7] new species of mixed media animated pictures 新品種多媒動畫實驗

The Elevated Project of the competitive Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme is supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. The scheme has two levels: HKD300k and HKD500K. "The New Normal" is awarded the higher cash award. The awardee's execution of the 9-month project will be in collaboration with the Floating Projects Collective and IT design company XCEPT.


Awarded date30 Sep 2020
Degree of recognitionLocal
Granting OrganisationsHong Kong Arts Development Council