Prof. ZHOU Zhixin (周至心)

PhD - Statistics (UCLA)

Visiting address
Phone: +852 34428248

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Willing to take PhD students: yes


Dr. Zhou is an Assistant Professor of Management Sciences at the College of Business, City University of Hong Kong. He received his bachelor degree in applied math from UC Berkeley and Ph.D. degree in statistics from UCLA. His current research interest includes random tensor theory, minimax theory of PCA and experimental design on network data. He is also interested in information retrieval, neural ranking and generative adversarial network. 

Research Interests/Areas

I am interested in network analysis, high-dimensional statistics, information theory, sequential design, stochastic process and efficient search in recommendation system.


Dorothea Klumpke Roberts Prize in Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley. (2012)

First-Year University Fellowship, University of California, Los Angeles. (2015)

Dissertation Year Fellowship, University of California, Los Angeles. (2018)


Presentations and Talks

Social Network Clustering (City University of Hong Kong (2/22/2019)

Pseudo-Likelihood Method for Community Detection in Bipartite Graph (UCLA, 2/27/2017)

Uniqueness of Hyperfinite II1 Factor (UCLA, 12/17/2014)


Teaching Assistant
Teaching calculus, mathematical analysis, probability and statistics classes (UCLA, 9/23/2012 - 9/15/2017)