Dr. YANG Zhifeng (楊志鋒)

PhD - Finance (University of Alberta)
M.A. - Accounting (Xiamen University)
B.A. - MIS (Xiamen University)             


Author IDs

Research Interests/Areas

Corporate Finance, Governance & Auditing Issues Related to Emerging Markets, especially Chinese markets


Teaching Areas

  • Corporate Governance, Financial Management and Financial Statement Analysis



Certifying Organization


CFA Institute


  • Best Paper Award for the paper “Politically connected boards and audit pricing: US evidence” (coauthored with Francis Kim and Yuxiao Zhou) - Accounting & Finace Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ) Annual Conference
  • Best paper award for the paper “Minority shareholders’ control rights and the quality of corporate decisions: A natural experiment from China” (coauthored with Zhihong Chen and Bin Ke) - Chinese Accounting Professor Association of North America (CAPANA) Annual Conference
  • 1st Teaching Award (Team) - City University of Hong Kong (College of Business )


Participating in or organising a conference / an event

  • Kim, C., Z. F. Yang and Y. Zhou (3-7 August 2013), "Politically Connected Boards and Audit Pricing", presented at 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Accounting Association, Anaheim, USA.
  • Guan, Y. Y., L. Su, D. Wu and Z. F. Yang (1-2 November 2013), "Do School Ties between Aduitors and Client Executives Influence Auditi Quality?", presented at China Capital Market Accounting and Finance Research Symposium, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics, Shanghai, China.
  • Yang, Z. (28-29 October 2011), "Do Political Connections Add Value to Audit Firms? Evidence from IPO Audits in China", presented at Contemporary Accounting Research (CAR) Conference, Canada,.
  • Chen, Z. and Z. Yang (13-15 July 2011), "Does Granting Minority Shareholders Direct Control Over Corporate Decisions Help Reduce Value Decreasing Corporate Decisions? A Natural Experiment from China", presented at The Chinese Accounting Professors' Association of North America (CAPANA) 4th Annual Research Conference, Xiamen, PRC.
  • Yang, Z. (31 July - 4 August 2010), "Do Audit Fee Premiums Always Proxy for Audit Quality? Evidence from China", presented at 2010 Annual Meeting of the American Accounting Association (AAA), San Francisco, USA.
  • Chen, Z., B. Ke and Z. Yang (31 July - 4 August 2010), "Does granting minority shareholders direct control over corporate decisions increase shareholder value? A natural experiment from China", presented at 2010 Annual Meeting of the American Accounting Association (AAA), San Francisco, USA.
  • Kao, J., D. Wu and Z. Yang (5-8 August 2007), "Regulations, earnings management, and post-IPO performance: The Chinese evidence", presented at The 2007 American Accounting Association (AAA) Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA.