Dr. DING Zhi Qiang Daniel (丁志強)

PHD - International Business
MEc - International Finance
BAcct - Accounting              


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Dr. Ding received his M.A. in International Finance from Shanghai University of Finance & Economics in 1985 and Ph.D. in International Business and Comparative Management from Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA. He joined City University of Hong Kong in 1993.

Research Interests/Areas

  • Multinational Corporate Strategy
  • International Strategic Alliance
  • Foreign Direct Investment in China
  • HRM in China

Working Papers

  • Yang, Zhilin, Daniel Z. Ding and Minjoon Jun (2005), "Consumer Perception of E-Service Convenience: An Exploratory Study", Working Paper, Department of Marketing, City University of Hong Kong, MKT05-1-0.
  • Yanni Yan and Daniel Z. Ding (2004), "Firm-specific Advantages, Organization Control and Firm Performance: A study of resource competitiveness in high technology firms", Working paper, Department of Marketing, City University of Hong Kong, MKT03-12-0.


Participating in or organising a conference / an event

  • Ding, Daniel Z. "Cooperative Teamwork and Conflict: Studies in Hong Kong and China".
  • Ding, Daniel Z. "Japanese Multinationals in China: Globalization of Strategic Control in Personnel and Production".