Dr. MA Zewei (馬澤威)


Mac Zewei MA obtained his MPhil and PhD from The City University of Hong Kong. Taking a computational social science perspective and by analyzing data obtained from various sources (survey, experiment, text, archive, and web search engines), Mac investigates how ecological (e.g., pathogen prevalence) and societal (e.g., economic development and related social issues (e.g., air pollution)) factors shape human psychology and behavior at the individual (e.g., personal values; health promotion; mate selection) and group (e.g., cultural evolution; intergroup and intragroup conflicts) levels and how human psychology and behavior reshape the physical world (e.g., spread of infectious diseases; air quality; biodiversity). Mac is particularly interested in using objectively big data to reach more convincing evidence regarding the relationship between psychology and life.


  • SS3710 Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence

  • SS5759 Educational Assessment and Evaluation

Research Interests/Areas

  • Personal Values

  • Ingroup Assortative Sociality

  • Mate Selection

  • Infodemiology

  • Health Communication

  • Quantitative Research Methods

  • Utilization of Big Data (e.g., Online Query Data and Epidemiological Data) in Psychological and Public Health Research