Prof. DAI Yue (代悅)

BA (City University of Hong Kong); MA (The University of Hong Kong); PhD (Michigan State University)

Visiting address
Phone: +852 34425966

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My research examines person perception and social influence processes that take place in mediated environments or involve the use of communication technology. My current research areas include the following:

(1) Vicarious interaction (i.e., observing interactions) and intergroup dynamics in online social influence and attitude formation processes

(2) Mediated intergroup contact and the reduction of intergroup prejudice

(3) Technology and misinformation correction

(4) Human-chatbot interaction in social support context

Research Interests/Areas

  • Computer-mediated communication
  • Intergroup dynamics online
  • Mediated intergroup contact
  • Social influence and persuasion
  • Technology and misinformation correction
  • Chatbot and social support



  • COM2303 Video Production and Editing
  • GE3202 Citizen Journalism and Civil Society
  • COM5104 Research Methods for Communication and New Media
  • COM4307 Video News Production and Anchoring