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Willing to take PhD students: yes


Dr. Wang's recent research efforts have focused on digital twins of subsurface geo-structures, machine learning in geotechnical engineering, geotechnical uncertainty, risk and reliability (e.g., probabilistic slope stability analysis, probabilistic site characterization, and reliability-based design of foundations), and sampling and analytics of geo-data (e.g., statistical interpretation of spatially varying but sparsely measured geo-data using Bayesian compressive sampling, random field simulation directly from sparse measurements), soil-structure interaction (e.g., buried pipelines), and assessment and mitigation of geo-hazards (e.g., landslides and earthquakes) and risk on critical civil infrastructures (e.g., water supply systems, submarine telecommunication cables, and slopes).  Recruitment of PhD students and research staff (RA or postdoc) is currently ongoing. Potential applicants, particularly those with strong mathematical background or significant numerical simulation experience, are welcome to send CV directly to


  • CA3687: Soil Mechanics
  • CA4665: Geotechnical Analysis and Design
  • CA5693: Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering
  • CA6110: Statistical Methods and Data Analytics
  • GE1313: Earthquakes

Research Interests/Areas

Digital twins, machine learning, sampling and analytics of geo-data, digital twins of geo-structures, Geotechnical Risk and Reliability, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Lifeline Systems, Soil Structure Interaction, Soil and Rock Property Characterization Using Laboratory and Field Tests