Dr. MENG You (孟優)

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Driven by the concept of SWaP3 (smaller Size, lighter Weight, lower Power, lower Price, higher Performance), the new-generation optoelectronic devices are moving towards device miniaturization, flexibility, and intelligence. Based on this, Dr MENG has conducted research work in three aspects: new material design, new process development, and new optoelectronic applications. Especially, multi-field enhancements (e.g., surface states, 2DEG, superplasticity, thermal, strain, and polarization) are explored to cover full-spectrum optoelectronic detection/imaging, from deep ultraviolet (wide bandgap oxides, etc.), infrared (group III-V, etc.), to terahertz waves (semimetals, etc.).

So far, 11 Chinese patents have been granted, and 9 US patents are pending. Published over 90 SCI papers, including 20 first-author or co-first-author papers, including Nature Materials (1), Nature Communications (2), Science Advances (1), Advanced Materials (2), Nano Letters (1), ACS Nano (4), Advanced Functional Materials (2), etc., cited more than 2300 times, with an h-factor of 29.